FreeStyle Libre price increase in Canada

So Freestyle Libre has increased there price of the readers and sensors after only a year of approval in Canada. From what I can gather, Bayshore Specialty Rx Ltd was the place to get them from on Abbott’s website. $89.00 for sensors and $49.00 for the reader. And now there $97.00 for sensors and $54.00 for the reader
Pacific Blue Cross does not allow Direct Billing for these items so I have to pay the balance out of pocket.
Is there any where else that I can get them from at PBC’s Reasonable & Customary limits in Canada?

I just recently started using the Libre with PBC coverage. I bought my supplies from Costco, because they were the only place I could find the reader and sensors at the “old” price. Hopefully Costco’s prices don’t increase when I go to renew supplies in about three months.

I never thought of Costco! I will give them a try–Thanks

$95.00 at Costco, A couple bucks cheaper than most.