FreeStyle Libre question on reading sensors and measurement frequency

I would like to use the FreeStyle Libre system for a small study with a few people. Therefore I have two questions I stilll could not answer by googling. Would be greate if someone in the forum knows:

Is it possible to read out multiple sensors with the reader? Or is the reader paired with one sensor at a time and that’s it (until you replace the sensor)? I would like to read it sensors from four people at roughly the same time without having to buy four readers.

As I understood the sensor measures about every 15 minutes and stores the values until read out (for max 8 hours to be stored on the sensor).

When you scan the sensor is there also a measurement triggered or is there only the already measured values transmitted? In other words can you increase the measurement frequency by scanning more frequent (e.g. to get a value every 5 minutes)?

A reader can only read one sensor at a time.

Because in the US there is a warm-up period of 12 hours, I decided I didn’t want that long a gap. So I put another sensor on the other arm 12 hours before the time is up. BUT I have a use a different reader to activate that second sensor. So I bought a second one. That allows me to have readings which almost cover the entire time. Unfortunately, the software does not allow one to combine the information from two readers into a continuous time period. So my 14-day, 30-day, and 90-day records are not accurate. I have to mentally (or manually) combine the records to get rough real longer term results.

Using a reader to get results from four people at one time would not work.

Increasing measurement frequency does change the readings but it is still a combined measurement from the last fifteen minutes just slightly updated. And yes as @Uff_Da said one reader to one sensor.

Thanks a lot for the quick replies. Also no hacks available to read more than one sensor i guess. The sensor is can also read with an android phone and an app, true? That would save one reader.

I did not completely get what you wrote, Firenze. When you read more often, do you get then more points on the line, and when you don’t you get one point every 15 minutes? Or can you even program the sensor to log measurements more frequent?

I apply a second sensor before the first one runs out, with a second reader. I didn’t like the down time either. But I apply it about 18 hours before the first runs out and I am thinking of maybe even trying a little longer. At first when the second becomes active, it’s not that accurate yet. But then it also allows me to test my BG with both meters for several hours to see how accurate the new sensor is going to be. Less fingersticking to figure out what the new one is doing.

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You can use glimp to get around the 12 hours

Glimp will read any sensor - it will read one second after you activate it if you want

Every time you scan the sensor the Libre logs the reading in the “review history” part of the meter under “logbook”. There are no previous readings displayed on the main page just the current reading and a graph of the last 12 hours. There are no points on the line just one solid line graphing the numbers so no matter how much you scan it there won’t be any difference in the graph but because the graph does not give exact numbers you need to scan it to see up to the minute results.

Whenever you scan the sensor the Libre gives you an average of the last fifteen minutes not a snapshot of what your BG is that second, so scanning more often will change the number you are seeing but not the graph. Also to use a phone to scan the sensor you will need an android phone and the official app from Freestyle Libre if you want to use the phone to start the sensor (please correct me if I’m wrong @Tony24 ).

Tony24, what happens if Glimp is used with more than one sensor? I could activate several sensors with the abbott reader and then use Glimp to read them, right? But will end up all these values in the same graph or table? Ideally I would like to be able to export a table at the end with the sensor ID’s, timestamp and the value.

Btw great forum, so many valuable replies in no time!

I think I would at least touch base with Abbott on this request. They may be able to offer some solutions we haven’t thought of.

There is a PRO version of the Libre, which is blinded to patients, but readable by the doctor’s office. I don’t know for sure, but I can’t believe they have a reader for each one. Of course, the patient doesn’t see anything, but that sounds like what is desired. Otherwise, each participant would each have to have a reader of some sort. On the other hand, I don’t know whether the PRO version requires a blinded reader for each participant.

I would expect that each of these patients on a PRO sensor could be saved by the doctor as a stand-alone report.

If you’re going to the trouble of doing a study, it seems that talking with Abbott should be part of the preparation.

Your best bet is to have multiple readers and use libreview to get all the info you want

You should be aware certain smartphones will destroy the sensor

Forget about trying to export date from glimp using multiple sensors - you will only end up walking the halls of a secure mental facility.

I have used a spreadsheet to try and average reader and glimp numbers to avoid finger sticks for my wife to no avail.