Freestyle Libre reading low

Has anyone had a problem with the Freestyle Libre reading low. I am comparing it to the Bayer Contour Next Link. It reads at least 20 points lower which is a real problem. Abbottt claims it is well within its 20% accuracy.

Also, I purchase it from Bayshore for $89 for a sensor. Shoppers Drug Mart (in Canada) wants $130 for the same thing. This seems very wrong.

Has anyone used this device with any success.

Canadian dollar is .76 of a USA dollar

89 dollars for a sensor is probably still very high - they can be had for under 75 or less

They can read all over the place
they work great for some folks and no so great for others

at the very least you can see a trend which is very helpful

being 20 points of or even more is not that bad is long as it is consistent

Is you contour next checked with the test solution

meters can also be off 20 points

With my wife it is very accurate on the low end and can be 50 points high if she gets over 200

but I know this so it is still of great value

I would never avoid a finger stick - PERIOD

If your Libre is 20 points off then you are lucky. Mine was very often 50-100 off! I stopped using it. Are you giving the Libre 15 minutes to catch up with your BG reading from your meter? If not, that could be your problem… Also the Bayer meter has a much better MARD then the Libre which will probably make them not sync up that well. In my experience CGMs will sometimes align with meter readings and sometimes not. My Dexcom is spot on sometimes, and other times 20 or so points off. Seems to be the nature of the beast. Hope your accuracy improves!

I used it for maybe five sensors. I found the results unfortunately inconsistent. What that means is one day in the morning it was 25 points low. A few hours later it was 15 points low. In the evening it was 30 points low. I couldn’t tell why it was a variable amount low. It was never never higher than a finger stick. It was always low. If it were consistently low for a given sensor then I agree that it is a value but if it is a variable amount off of a finger stick then it’s a little value to me. Yes I know that differences can arise between subcutaneous glucose and blood sugar. But if I haven’t eaten anything for 4 hours I would think they oughta be pretty close to each other and I couldn’t trust the freestyle Libre. I quit using it

Thanks for your input. I am on the verge of ceasing use of the Libre system, too. See my other post to you tonight. Thanks again.

I’m still on my first sensor. I’m in Canada with a 14-day sensor.

For the first 6 days, the Libre averaged about 0.9 mmol/L low (16 mg/dl) compared to my finger stick monitors. The worst was -1.4 and the best was -0.4 (-25, -7 mg/dl). But always low. Never high.

In the 5 days since then, the average is bang on: 0.0. The range of the discrepancy has been between -0.3 and +0.3 (+/-5 mg/dl). Libra was higher 3 times, and lower 7.

The meters I use are a Contour Next, a Contour Next One, and a OneTouch Ultra Mini.