Freestyle Libre



They have. I’m odd. I don’t test positive for any anti-bodies. (Three months after a 10.2 AIC) We had them all done. My insulin level is 10.9 and my C-Peptide level is 1.89. I’m actually a freaking roller coaster with blood sugars. I agree on the insulin, actually tried some. (I didn’t do the best) Sometimes, I feel like it is my regulator that is broken.


I’ve read about a rare type of diabetes called “flatbush diabetes”. It is sort of a mix between type 1 and 2. It is also known as “ketosis prone type 2 diabetes”, though it seems to be closer to type 1 than type 2. That’s because people usually aren’t insulin resistant (which is the hallmark of type 2). But, they don’t have antibodies (the hallmark of type 1) either. A common suggestion is that people with flatbush diabetes have beta cells that are extremely sensitive to elevated glucose levels, that is, the glucose quickly becomes toxic to them, and they shut down. Here is more.


Can the same reader be used with both 10 day and 14 day sensors?

Does one have to get a new reader when they switch from the 10 day sensor to the 14 day sensor?


I haven’t upgraded, but this site shows a link to get New 14 day reader ( free, if eligible).



Thanks. Your link worked and I found the location to submit my request.