Freestyle Libre

Same here. If my meter gave me a result of 28, I’d double or tripe check that before correcting. And, as I wrote above, I also would not give the entire correction in one dose. I’d give perhaps half the correction and make up the rest in an hour or two, after I’d started to drop.

This seems a bit contradictory to me.

Regardless, I think the lessons that can be gleaned from this unfortunate situation are: the importance of double-checking extreme readings, the importance of always carrying backup supplies (e.g., batteries), and the importance of being cautious about giving large corrections (especially in a setting of exercise).

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Hi there. :+1:

Actually I am blaming Freestyle Libra for this.

The sensor failed me because I was in salt water. Their literature didn’t say is wasn’t tested in salt water this past February.

Sure had my backup meter been working I could have confirmed my status but the battery died. Bad luck.

But it was the salt water that ruined the sensor and gave me false readings and the company hid behind the truth when I asked. Shane on them.

Looking backwards, I can understand how you may feel the way you feel.

Looking forward, I think @Jen has great advice.

I did exactly what you suggest but my back meter battery had quit on me. No place in Punta Cana to replace it at the time. Bad luck.

But it was the salt water that ruined the sensor and gave me wrong info. They failed me

The sensor giving you a false reading was a Libre problem.

You not double checking a strange result and giving yourself enough insulin to put yourself in the hospital is on you.

People make mistakes. Own yours and learn from it. I’m glad you shared it, because it was a good reminder for me, too. I’ve been thinking about it all day because my readings have been higher than expected since last night. Before treating I’m checking with a backup meter, just in case.

next time you go to the beach cover your sensor with a Tegaderm patch (waterproof). Works like a charm and protects your sensor.

thank you for that info, ive had the libra now from when it first came out and so far had a good run with it. haven’t been in salt water as of yet.

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