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Adhesive burns from using the Libre.

My wife uses it with no problems with adhesive

I don’t have a problem either. What does Abbott say?

Abbott changed the adhesive formula in the UK and France because of some people experiencing chemical burn perfect circles under the pod. I was wondering if anyone else in North America was experiencing the same.

I switched to eversense for about 6 months because of these chemical burns, however, they do tend to mostly heal in about 14 days. Or by the time I need to switch arms for another sensor. I miss the eversense, but my Cigna insurance is still denying it claiming it is experimental… just like insulin in 1920

Their advertising is absurd. All about avoiding fingersticks. It makes diabetics seem like wussies. How about focusing on accuracy, integration with other devices, and customer satisfaction? It’s a trust thing, and the stupid advertisements do not help.

Its also useless to type 1s unless you have a new blucon or miaomiao2, however, its market is the 30 million type 2 diabetics, not the 1.5 million type 1s…I personally only use it because of the miaomiao2 and the price… Cigna quoted me $1688 for 3 months of Dexcom vs $210 for 84 days of the libre and a one time $200 miaomiao2

It’s far from useless to type 1s - just have check more

It also frees you from all the transmitter nonsense etc.

That’s the tradeoff

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You should buy your wife the miaomiao2… with xdrip you can play different songs or movie MP3s for highs, lows, predicted lows, etc…you might actually sleep…it makes a huge difference… the only problem is it’ll take 2- 4 weeks before you receive it.

A good idea, the only problem being the FDA would approve the Libre T2 5 minutes after I open the miaomiao :grinning:

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Yes. I get the lovely round RED skin under the Libre.

My first 8 months using Libre caused NO DAMAGE to skin.

However, about 12 months ago I started to experience skin irritation which I labelled as burns.

Abbott says see a dermatolagist.

Yes that’s exactly what happened to my daughter. She had to stop using it completely. A dermatologist can’t help a chemical burn except to say stop using it. Abbott has to change their adhesive formulation in North America. I wonder why they could do that overseas and not here? We need to keep contacting their not so great customer service and keep asking. A side note: The Libre readings were spot almost all of the time until the skin became irritated and the accuracy slipped.

A lot of people recommended spraying flonase prior to insertion, or mastisol. I have reactions, but they usually mostly heal in 14 days when I switch arms. I used eversense for 6 months and it was great, I know they are working on getting the 6 month sensor approved here, and having it approved for kids… every 3 months is a little much for the scars it leaves. I am glad to announce the miaomiao2 works with xdrip and android wear watches

I have tried applying an aresol 3M barrier prior to applying a new sensor. But that did not help.

I have also tried using a Tegiderm patch prior to installing a sensor. It seems to help but only a little. I still get the RED SPOT but the damage is not as deep.

I am still putting up with the irritation but my 65 year old skin is likely not as sensitive as your daughters.

Also iv3000 should solve the problem. You put it on prior to the sensor, so her skin won’t touch the sensor adhesive… your Dr could write you a prescription I’m just not sure if it’ll last 14 days…I used to use it for the Medtronic pump maybe 10 years ago, but many sensitive people still use it for Cgms

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Thanks, we will give the iv3000 a try.

I use Skin Tac wipe under the Libre. I haven’t had any problems with a rash since using it and the Libre doesn’t fall off with it.

With SkinTac or iv3000 does anyone find that the Libre accuracy is affected? Abbott says any barrier product will affect the accuracy but I tend to lean more to what actual users are saying. Also does anyone find the needle ever bends on insertion?

Fantastic idea - I was thinking the same thing, but you beat me to it! One on the bottom and and one on the top

I put the IV over my wife’s sensor to protect it

You can buy outdated ones on ebay for almost free - they work well past the expire date

The filament is inside a steel needle. The steel needle is then withdrawn - I would think it would be impossible to bend. The filament cannot help but be inserted correctly if the applicator is held properly! It is a masterpiece of design - I took one apart to figure it out