Freestyle Libre

I am considering getting a freestyle Libre . Since I am on Medicare it won’t cover it for me. What does the reader cost? I am a 28 year type 2 on tresiba and trulicity. Thanks! Nancy50

If I remember correctly, the reader came free. I eventually only used my iPhone anyway.

(Do I remember that you’re not covered because you don’t do MDI?)

70 dollars or less

Not on meal time insulin, Medicare requires it. :cry: I had an issue, now I am concerned about lows this spring/summer when I spend a lot of time working outside. I see my CDE in a few weeks. Will check with her. Thank you. Nancy50

My pharmacist says 70 dollars for two, they come in twos. I had to move to the Dexcom G6 but I might move back and just pay it.