Freestyle Lite Glucometer

I recently changed glucometers from aaOne Touch to a Freestyle Lite and I have been having problems with the test strip accepting the drop of blood.The first machine I had was faulty.Does anyone else have this problem with the test strips?I like the machine for the port light so at night I can test without turning on a light.

My Omnipod uses Freestyle test strips, and yes, I have had a few this last canister not work. I also had a few where I’ve put them in backward or not inserted them properly and they result in error readings. It is frustrating knowing what these things cost! Not sure if this points to the glucometers or the test strips as being prone to fail.

This is a good part of the reason I no longer use the Freestyle Lite. I’d probably throw out 3-4 strips a batch, rather than the 1 or so every 100 with my Accuchek.

Just threw one out a moment ago…error reading on what looked like a good strip. Given that…my meter reads w/in 5 mg/dl each reading over successive readings:) that is why I have stayed w/ it. I like that it has better accuracy over wider range of temps (I do field work frequently). I use the Freestyle Freedom but, did use the Flash…and liked the lighted screen and port:) All meters should have this feature given how frequently we all test…I keep mine in the bedroom and took it to Africa and tested in my tent at night. Accuracy, portablility, clear numbers and lighted screen, and easy to download (read as bluetooth)info to a “great” software program…this is my challenge to the meter companies! Make it and we will buy it!

Thank-you all for your replies.I also,find that when you insert the strip backwards,like Elaine said, it messes up the strip.I guess the answer is “Don’t insert it backwards.”

It is also very accurate to the lab results!