Freestyle Navigator update

I got a call last week from Abbott and everything so far looks good. They will be sending my information over to Smith Medical and double checking my approval from Anthem BCBS. I was really surprised at the quick turn around time for the unofficial approval.

All of that being said I am still not holding my breathe, no sense in getting all excited about it until it shows up in the mail.

Can I just say that I love technology, but man I miss the day when it wasexciting to see cds come out, ipods and dvd players. It’s kinda suck getting excited about pumps and high tech glucose monitors. I feel like I will soon be the bionic woman. Trust me, I KNOW that it will help me keep a healthier lifestyle, but sometimes it just feels like too much and it makes me tired. The plus in all of it ( I hope), is that my fingers might get a small break.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for letting me spew…


Good luck on your Navigator!!! Please keep us posted:) Your fingers do deserve a break.


I got that call the Friday before Labor Day from my insurance and am still waiting on my Nav, so I hope you have better luck than I. Apparently, there’s some snag with the DME distributors (there are only 2 or 3 who ship the Navigator and I’m dealing with Edgepark). My endo’s office has submitted the paperwork three times and they’ve spent hours on the phone with the insurance and the distributor over the last couple months. Edgepark apparently keeps asking if I want the Minimed system.

If I don’t have it by Thanksgiving, I’m going to explode from the anticipation. All I can say is to be a squeaky wheel if things seem slow. They may need you to push and prod them.

But I am delighted for you that you are getting it! We will have to share stories if I ever join you!