Freestyle responds in spades; Chicken and Egg?

Just a couple of quick items here:

  1. At 11:40 this morning, Federal Express delivered a third Freestyle Lite meter from the Freestyle Promise program. Which suggests that I have backup in case my Freestyle Lite for side-by-side testing purposes goes bad.
  2. Health Central posted a news item suggesting that diabetes leads to lack of ankle flexibility, and to ankle weakness, in the absence of diabetic neuropathy.
Aside corrective surgery at age five and the initial, serious sprain to my left ankle at age eight-and-a-half, I've had relatively weak ankles most of my life and a number of ankle injuries -- all except the most recent major sprain (in 2003) prior to diagnosis. Since I've previously suggested that some of the issues we currently consider to be complications of diabetes might actually be precursor symptoms of impaired glucose metabolism, I was quite curious to learn more about this. I followed back to the original article and was extremely disappointed in the research. There was no indication as to whether the test subjects were "Type 1" or "Type 2", and no exclusion of a history of obesity -- a condition that is often comorbid with many of the "Type 2" subtypes. Based on that, I'm just as willing to conclude that the issues in ankle mobility are related to body weight as to diabetes. In this case, I suspect the chicken was there all along, and the researchers may have simply discovered a goose egg.