Friday Feedback

What little tricks have you developed to help you remember all the diabetes tasks you need to do each day?

I dunno if I have tricks as much as conditioned myself to think of food and insulin being in balance so they go together and, to measure the balance, I have to test my BG. Packing always makes me nervous as hell as I don't want to forget a crucial gizmo, like the CGM charger, that will ruin a trip?

daily taskes have become habit forming , just like brushing teeth is the new tricks I need to develop ..I write myself a lot of notes ;and Hubby assists in reminding me

Love notes and lists! I make a lot of lists before a trip.

I need Levemir three times daily, and at the right times or I'm in trouble. First thing in the morning, I put my open Levemir pen in a beer mug along with one day's worth of equipment: a 1/2 unit syringe for the 8:30 AM shot of 1 1/2 units; a pen needle for the 2:30 PM dose of 2 units; another pen needle for the 9:30 PM dose of 5 units. If I forget one during the day, I've got the evidence and make up for it pretty well with Regular. Never forget the nightly one, knowing full well it would be a total disaster!

Awesome trick, Trudy! Thanks for sharing.