Frivolous request

Can anyone help me with a frivolous request? I purchased a tiny “branding iron” in the shape of the JDRF cyclist. See the pictures. I need a Cricket brand electronic lighter to fit it. Apparently these exact lighters are impossible to find in my part of the world. I’ve tried a half dozen other kinds, and they aren’t skinny enough. I’ve looked on the web, of course, and it seems there are usually min orders of 20 units to buy these lighters.

Can somebody find one of this exact style lighter in their world? I'll trade you something cool - I've got a cool selection of diabetes related books I'd trade (authors James Hirsch, Zippora Karz anyone?). Send me a message or post to my page and we can figure out a trade and addresses.

Oh yeah, you can order these cool little custom “branding irons” from Don’t tell the JDRF I’m borrowing their logo, 'kay?