From bad to worse

just after having been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes i tried to get my life back together. i started to feel ok atleast, i had a job some money to spend on some fun things a great boyfriend and getting my diabetes under control right in time for my bday. i had the time of my life in san fran my bf planned the whole thing and got us a great hotel for 2 nights. then we come back i go to a work meeting and soon find out im the only one there. then they tell me its time to part ways. meaning theyre firing me for no reason! pinkberry is a very shady company i will never work for a corporate or even franchise for a corporate company again. besides that the next day today i wake up with all these messages about how there was some strange activity with my debit card. so i check my accounts online turns out someone cleared out my savings and checking which i had just deposited my last check in yesturday. gone and then some they only left 10 bucks in my savings. thanks jerk haha. anyways i got it all straightened out apparently but now i have to wait to be credited and i have to fill out a ton of paperwork. as if i dont have enough to worry about like what im going to do when that money i get back runs out. will i find a job in time for my boyfriends bday so i can make his equal if not more amazing. idk. im trying to stay positive. if anyone knows of any jobs in encino let me know.

Oh, yikes. I totally sympathize. My son Eric was diagnosed with T1D one year ago today, and that week ranks as the all-time worst of my life. The day I made the decision to take him to the pediatrician, I came home from work to find my prize filly had just broken her leg and had to be put down. I was crying my eyes out all the next day until the pediatrician told me what I didn’t want to hear–that I’d been right to suspect diabetes (I had hoped he’d tell me it was a UTI or something stupid like that)–and that we were heading for the ER. That dried up my tears in a hurry because now I had something new to think about, something utterly terrifying, far more important than a dead horse (no matter how much I loved her). The rest, well, it’s on my page if you really want the gory details. But here’s the main point… it WILL get better. A year from now, you’ll look back on this and realize you got through it all. So hang in there!

thanks for sympathizing. i feel like most people just cant understand or want to. hopefully things will change in my favor. thanks again :slight_smile:

Oh man, that is not cool!!
I was forced out of my last job, I wasn’t surepticiously fired though, they kinda pushed me and I jumped, try not to let it bring you down too much. With some careful thought and inventiveness you can do a really special birthday for your Bf even if funds are short. I am always strapped for cash and I make stuff, fix stuff, cook, do something he really wants to/likes.
Its good that they’ll cover the money but maaaan!! some people are really scummy, the forms are a pain too!
Try not to stress yourself too much, hopefully good things are just around the corner!
Lou x

Whether laid off or fired, you can file unemployment. And being diabetic, you can go to some Department of Assistive Rehabilitation. What they do is because you are diabetic, it’s considered a disability. To prevent you from going on SSI or SSA, they give some training for you to get another job in a different field or same field…it’s up to you. They also give grants for you to go to college for a different field.

I hope this helps, and do get emergency food stamps. If your under 21, you can get medicaid. Or not you can get temporary medicaid for 1 - 3 months. Go to a state agency and file discrimination suit against the company you worked for if it was because of your diabetes. If you were discriminated, they could pay out of court so not to make it a costy situation should they lose.

Take this time to do all that you can do on all resources so that you can get on your feet. Also, the county can help on a one time voucher for food, pay for your rent…you have to go the day after your rent is due. Even help on electricity.

Meds, they can help too. I hope you have resources to keep your meds going, especially during this difficult time.

When doing all this, write you out a schedule and a timeline with deadlines to get all that you need to do. Don’t rush too much in one day, don’t want your bs to go crazy.

And, as time allows…let us know how you are doing and what steps you took so that someone else whose going thru the same thing can know that they can make it too. I know it’s hard to keep positive, that’s why we are here to keep you motivated. Know you would do the same for us. Family, Patti

I know this solves none of your problems, but…
Perhaps you can still think of what you do have got: A great boyfriend!
And maybe the two of you can celebrate his birthday in a wonderful way even without a lot of costs…

All the best, Astrid.