From Insulin to Pill

Today my doctor commented me of the possibility of changing my treatment from insulin to a huge probability of taking pill medications to control my diabetes. Has anyone undergone through a similar path? I had done so about almost 2 decades ago with metformin with horrible results. I am a bit on the fence with this possibility since I had a bad experience with metmorfin( which my doc after he found out of my reaction discarded it quickly) and knowing the horrible stories of other pill meds with diabetes I am currently puzzle. Anyone with input is welcome to provide some of your experience if you had undergone this path. This is a possibility pending my latest lab results. I spoke with the doc that I feel more comfortable with the insulin due to my skepticism with pills.

I am also confused as to why your doctor wants to make this change?

I think this would be a big mistake. For context, I'm a T2 who voluntarily treats with insulin, rather than pills.

Insulin is natural to your body. Even the analogs, while not "natural", are treated by the body as identical.

Taking insulin when your pancreas can't make enough relieves the pressure on your pancreas to manage your BG. The organ is likely to stay healthier, and your beta cells keep working. This is important, as it makes managing your BG much easier if you have some beta cell response. Your risk of DKA is diminished enormously with a functioning -- but crippled -- pancreas.

In contrast, all the non-insulin pharmacological treatments stress the already struggling pancreas. What they do, in one way or another, is turn the volume up on your remaining beta cells, putting them into insulin production overdrive, and wearing them out. There's a growing body of research supporting this theory.

So, by taking Amaryl, Byetta, glipizide, etc. -- drugs that in the end supercharge your beta cells, you may realize an easier regimen for managing your D for a while, but you risk pushing yourself further into full-blown T1 land where the management gets harder, more critical, and the ever-present boogeyman of DKA is hanging over your head.

LADA, MODY, Type 2 -- many of us believe treating with insulin from the start and preserving existing beta cell function as long as possible is the best way to go.

Wow two discussions about this in one day? lol y'all have some crap doctors. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Your A1C is great and you have good control on insulin, right?

It sounds like you do need to get further testing, BUT this is to tell your doctor that you don't need a medication change. I'm a type 1 and it sounds like you're taking a similar dose amount to me, and like Helen says, that's not a type 2 dose. It actually sounds like you're misdiagnosed as a type 2?

Continue to refuse the pills, and if the doctor gets like a baby about it and insists you need to change, fire them, get a new doctor.

I need to correct that. Am currently administrating 5 to 10 units from my lantus insulin.

Hi Dave, with respect to your last paragraph... I understand that Joslin Diabetes Center is now starting LADA'S, MODY's and Type 2's with insulin immediately. Sounds good to me.

Lady NoNonoke, seriously, I can't imagine going from insulin to pills.

I did have the multiple test to verify what type or at least shed some light into what type of diabetes I have. I am type 2 that is for sure according to the labs that showed I had insulin resistance. My mom, dad, gramps and almost everyone has it in my family. When I was diagnosed I was morbidly obese when I was 10 years old. I underwent a honeymoon phase for the first 11 years after my diagnosis. Then when I was 22 went back to insulin because my system was rejecting merformin and glucophage by me vomiting the med or even the food.

The doc did indeed ran me some blood test. Although I was a bit shocked that he conducted the lab tests without me doing a fasting as in lipid panel, ac1, iron and vitamin d. He would make a decision about my meds after it but I remember telling him I don't want any pills and his answer was if you go with insulin you need to check your sugar levels 3x times a day. I don't mind checking my glucose and have a log for it but the idea of going back makes me feel a bit uncomftarble. I need to update my dosage in my profile I am currently injecting 5 to 10 units, in the morning my glucose is around 95 to 120 and between meals 130 to 150.

Yeah, my doctor was pushing me to do that....about a month before I finally got my T1 diagnosis. If it's working, I wouldn't change it.

Update: The doctor for the time being will keep me in the treatment he did run me some test to be sure of which type I am. In the other hand my hyperthyroid is back with a vengeance. My recent AC1 was around 5.9 and everything in relation to my diabetes was fine except my thyroid. Erg!!