From our house

I would like to tell you a bit about the place my wife and I live, Woodside is a council estate built in the late 70s to accomodate the overspill from Birmingham which is our second city, before the estate was built it was farming land with rural like most of shropshire was, like most council estates we have hte good and the bad most folks take care of there homes a few the destructive few would rather run riot, my family moved here from the West Midlands in 1981 and fell in love with it from day one our kids grew up here but sheila tha's my wife of 42 years and I stil live here we dream of moving away but at our age and our financila position that looks just like a pipe dream but what the heck dreaming is free.

This house which has f bedrooms 2 toilets 2 living rooms is really for a family it was ok when we move in we had 5 children 3 girls and 2 boys so there was plent of room, thes days with just the wife me and smudge our cat the house is far too big and with me being a hoarder I like to think of myself as a collector the house gets full up, you can take a nice walk from our house down country lanes and visit Ironbridge where the first Ironbridge was built over the river severn, the town itself is a tourist attraction and there is plenty to see, eat in a riverside resturant or have a bacon butty in one of the mant cafe's along the riverside, even better visit one of the many museums dedicated to the Industrial Revelution if you had visited there in the a couple of hundred years ag oyou would have seen furnaces bilowing out smoke and fire now that was pollution, Ironbridge has a power station generating electricity you can see the pummes of smoke