From Rudy Sims an update on my projects

I haven’t posted here in a while so here is an updated post about my current projects

I hope all the members of this community are doing great has replaced the site I mentioned in my first post here

hello my name is Rudy. I have a disability called cerebral

palsy and I am in a wheelchair. I run three websites for

people with disabilities

My Main website is a social network for the discussion of

disability issues I want to encourage discussion of disability

issues by both people with and without disabilities there.
The address is

The second website I created about disability issues is called it’s all about how to effectively

cope with a disability. It also features disability news and

original articles and commentary where I share my experiences

with living with
a disability and chronic pain. You can learn

more about me personally there.

The third website I created about disability issues is
the primary goal of this website is to become an

extensive directory on a wide variety of

disability and health topics

I hope everyone finds these websites useful

thanks for reading this :slight_smile: