From saline to insulin

I gave myself my last injection this morning. Had I remembered, I would have done a little dance…or a funeral procession. Hopefully the OmniPod works for me in the long run, but based on my blood sugar readings from today, I’m hopeful.

I did a pod change over the weekend (saline), and surprisingly, it didn’t take me too long. It took about 3 minutes (this was while doing a “demo” for my mom and boyfriend). My squeamish-around-needles boyfriend heard the click of the needle retracting and nearly dropped to his knees. He’s queasy about giving me injections…he says he would be able to do it to anybody else but he’s afraid of hurting me. Aww. :slight_smile:

Today was my transition to the “real” pod. It felt weird not giving myself my Lantus this morning, but hey, no more needles! Here are my settings for those of you interested…
Basal: 1.35 units per hour, 24 hours a day
Target BG is 100, with a correction for 150 and above
Target range is 80 to 120 (although I joked with my CDE about doing it for 100 to 110)
IC ration is 1:5
Correction factor is 1:25
Insulin action: 3 hours
Max bolus: 30 units
Max basal: 3 units per hour

Am I missing anything? I’m still getting the hang of this, so any input would be appreciated! Currently I am putting 200 units of insulin in each pod, and it does last me the three days, with a few units left.

Good luck Faye!

Good Look, I am not too far behind you!! tomorrow is my big day:)

That’s great Faye.

I just went live today on the OmniPod. No saline or anything just right to the good stuff.
It’s been 8 hours and I have already had to decrease my basal once. You do use a lot less insulin on the pump. I am a little nervous of the first overnight. On MDI I would drop 30 points by morning. I think I will set my alarm for around 2:30 to test. How was your first overnight experience?

For comparisons here are my settings:
Basal: 0.55 u/hr
Target BG: 100, correction for above 100
IC ratio: 1:10
Correction factor: 1:30
Insulin Action: 4 hours
Max basal: 3 u/hr
Max bolus: 12 units
Target BG

I had to get up during the night to test. I was testing before breakfast, 2 hours after, before lunch, 2 hours after, before dinner, 2 hours after, 8 PM, 10 PM, midnight and 3 AM. I did this for the first 2 weeks. Once I was comfortable at 3 AM I was able to stop. I just stopped doing the midnight test last Tuesday. It feels really good to be able to sleep through the night again. After weeks of tweeking here is what I’ve got mine set at:

Basal 1: 12 a to 4 a - 1.00 u/hr
4 a to 7 a - 1.60 u/hr
7 a to 1 p - 1.70 u/hr
1 p to 3:30 p - 1.40 u/hr
3:30 p to 5:30 p - 1.60 u/hr
5:30 p to 9 p - 1.65 u/hr
9 p to 12 p - .85 u/hr

I have a different program set for mornings that I go to the gym and if my sugar is below 120 before I go to the gym I set a temp basal for -50%.

Target bg is 100; correction for above 130.
IC ratio is 1:25
Correction factor is: 12a to 12p - 1:50
12p to 10p - 1:40
10p to 12a - 1:50
Insulin action: 4 hours
Max bolus: 16 units
Max basal: 3 u/hr

I also have my reverse correction turned on.

I am only putting about 135-140 units of insulin in the pod now. I started out at 200 and a lot of insulin was being wasted. I have been having between 7 and 12 units left when I’ve been changing it. I am using less than half of the insulin that I was using before. It’s really amazing!

Good Luck and happy podding!

i’ve been feeling a lot more secure about the overnight bg’s. with MDI’s, i used to wake up at 2am in the 30s, so waking up at 2am to test real quick and seeing 103 is a huge relief.

i’m still trying to tweak everything, although i’ve been doing a lot better than with the injections. i’ve only hit a few highs (around 220) and a couple of lows (50s). good luck to you both! :slight_smile:

thats awsome…good luck to you… i am in the works on getting a pump to… im doing injections now…there ok but i have a lot of highs and lows… would you recommend the pod so far??