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Man Carjacked While Passed Out in Diabetic Coma

Candace McCowan

February 26, 2010
| 11:09 a.m.

  • Police say they took a man passed out from a diabetic coma out of his car
  • Police say the suspects stole the car
  • Memphis Police say an 18-year-old and two other juveniles are behind bars facing charges of carjacking
(Memphis 2/25/2010) Haywood Frison says he couldn't believe what he was watching last Friday.

He says he and a friend were sitting in this park when they saw a Chevy
pick up truck swerve off of Pretoria road and into a vacant lot. He
says it wasn't soon after, several teens ran up to the truck.

"5 or 6 young teenagers came this way they got there to the truck and they stop and was talking to him," said Frison.

At first he thought the teens were checking on the man. But then, "I
know they pulled him out the truck and left him laying there on the
sidewalk. They got in the truck and went this way and turned right on
Kansas and went south," said Frison.

"Me and my friend walked up and we were standing there talking to him," added Fison.

When Frison came over to McKinney and realized he wasn't responding, he knew something was wrong and he called 911.

Memphis Police say the victim 53 year old Andrew McKinney blacked out
from a diabetic coma while driving. He was taken to the med and is
expected to be okay.

Now Memphis Police say man 18 year old D'Angelo Sanders is behind bars
facing charges of carjacking. Sanders told Memphis police that he and
the other suspects opened McKinney's truck door and McKinney fell out.
Memphis Police said sanders also told them he did jump in the truck and
drive away.

Sanders is locked up on a $50,000 bond. Frison says he is happy he was there to come to the victim's assistance.

The two other suspects are both 16. They are both facing carjacking charges as well.

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