From toe to the top of my head

Cold feet not the saying for having cold feet and not committing to something I mean cold feet the hypo’s are bad enough but cold feet well they are another kettle of fish,two pairs of socks thick slippers mind you with not much feeling in my feet toes I usually knock my toes up and do not even know I have hurt myself so cold feet and pinkies as well as little or no feeling to go with it,if that is the case why are my feet feeling so cold,try walking about the house as much as I can but then I get out of puff and have to have a couple of sprays of Nitrolingual hang on is this nito any connection with nitro gycerine,so cold feet no feelings and spraying nito under my tongue,sweating I sweat a lot especially in bed my Angel has to change the sheets several times a week 4 times last week,she has the fan on because she is so hot I feel like an emperor penguin trying to shield from the Arctic winds,there i am on my side of the bed in the Arctic and there she is on a beach in Florida.

Cramps so there are cold feet no feelings nitre for breathlessness lying in bed cramps sneak up on you all to do with blood or lack of it reaching the parts other corpuscles cannot,been advised not to take quinine on a long term basis but the alternative is too horrible to think about cramp so bed you cannot stand up the pain in the muscle so severe not even standing under the shower in hot water helps the pills do but I have to be careful,then there are the shoulder pain and pains in my feet caused by gout so bad some nights you cannot find a position to sleep without aching crunching pain should have mentioned the hands before the shoulders my Angel calls me butter fingers,due to the amount of crockery I drop one minute fine the other no grip at all we use to have two china dinner and tea sets we are down to 3 cups 4 plates 2 dishes so I have been placed on the dropsy register and have my food on plastic plates tea in plastic cups and puddings in plastic dishes it is like being two years old again not sure if they had plastic stuff in the late 40s,does that cover everything let me think…head loss of memory my short term memory is nothing like it was remembering if I have taken my medication is a challenge I have tried to make a daily list times to take this and that forget the other,and still I have days when I cannot remember if I have taken them ask me what I did when I was 12 and I can probably tell you but ask me what I did 10 minutes a go now that is a different kettle of fish a lot of fish in this piece hope it is cod and not the stuff they palm of you in fish shops these days well some fish shops not all no offence to fish and chip owners but if you state cod let us have cod let cod be your guide,one last thing eyesight I can see the Moon as clear as a bell but my computer screen 10 inches away no chance without glasses,I could understand if I only had one of these things wrong with me but all and at one time come on give us a break,time for insulin forgot had no breakfast soon be dinner time I do not know about falling to pieces but in my case the pieces do not fit when you try to put them back together.