Frozen insulin


Remember Walmart sells older insulins in vials with 1000u for apx $25


Was on a trip to NYC when it happened. The hotel “fridge” froze the insulin.
My son woke up with 300+, had only 20 carbs total by 4pm, and went UP to 550 and the tester cut out with “HI” alert.
We went through replacing the reservoir, the port on his body, ketone testing (thankfully none showing at the time) only to get that “HI” alert.
I said “It has to be the insulin.” Walked 9 blocks to a Walgreens, paid $122 for one vial, loaded a new reservoir, did another BG test (542) and pumped in a correction. He was down to 200 within the hour, and in range by the 7PM dinner.

Moral of the story: Don’t use frozen insulin - there are only risks, and no overall savings.


Go visit your endo and get samples to tide you over. I get a lot of extra stock from my endo. Tell them what happened and I"m sure they will help.



Take it from a Minnesotan, frozen insulin DOES NOT work. Its done. Call the doc for replacement Rx. Otherwise, you might have to go to Walmart and get the $30 R / $30 NPH to tide you over.