Frozen right shoulder returning

Well,it's been a painfree five yrs since my shoulder was released in surgery 2008. However,in the last three weeks I've felt it returning. Hopefully,head off a refreeze with pt. I'm going to get in touch with the surgeon who operated and get a referral. Michelle,my whizkid,masochist therapist will hopefully work on me.
Kind of perplexing in that my glucose has improved in the last two months due to Lantus' introduction into my medication file. Donated some blood to the lab today and hope to be under 6.0% A1C.
This condition sure comes on fast. I let it go a long time on the left one and was scolded by the surgeon to get in sooner if there is a recurrence.
Anyway,should get in within a week or so.

Could it be something else? and you're just paranoid like I am? I've had both shoulders done in the last 5 years and every time I have an ache or pain, I think to myself, oh no, here we go again. In the limited info that I have read most say that frozen shoulder doesn't usually reoccur. My numbers were all decent at the time. It's the cumulative glycosylation of collagen, even if your numbers are ok now. That's what they think anyway. I would definitely be proactive in prevention. The frozen shoulder times in my life were miserable.

I had this issue a few years back. Like you I had 2 shoulder surgeries about 10 years ago. I went to a orthopedic surgeon and he recommended physical therapy which was not effective. What did work was acupuncture. It was amazing how effective it was and my shoulder has been fine ever since. If I remember correctly, I had 5 treatments. I highly recommend it.

I've got acupuncture available and will be exploring that avenue soon. This shoulder was covered under workman's comp in 2008(I'm a retired truck driver) but they did list diabetes as a contributing factor. In the meantime,I'm doing all my stretching exercises and will be using our community pool to help.
Hopefully,I can head this off.
Thanks guys!