So for no reason that I can think of I have a 250 BG and moderate to large ketones. I very rarely even have ketones, I have had BG in the 300’s and no ketones in the past.

My bg all day has not gone over 150. I had salad with a few croutons for dinner with a starting bg of 119 and low carb ice cream for dessert (all of which was measured and calculated as usual). 2 hours later my BG was 250!!!

I did put a new pod on today and changed to the new PDM.

Confused and frustrated.

Another thing I have done differently recently was cut down on my carb intake… I use to eat a lot of carbs, but recently cut back almost 50%. I remember a few years ago I was doing sort of a diabetics version of atkins (very low carb intake, like 10g a day) and had bg’s around 120. I noticed I was urinating more often though, so I decided to check for ketones and I had some. I called the doctor and told everything of what was going on and she told me like people on atkins get ketones for no carbs, I was doing the same. So I ate more carbs and took some insulin, drank a ton of water and ketones went away. I wonder if the cutback on carbs has caused ketones again?