Frustrating unforeseen change of today

Good at three A.M.
BG high at six A.M.
Very strange indeed.

Happens to me sometimes…I have no clue why. Hormones? Dinner? Dreams? Faulty insulin or obsorbtion issues? It is very frustrating to try and keep tight control with so many variables. Good luck.

What exactly was “good” at three a.m. This could be the dawn syndrome.

But I check at between 1 A.M. and 3 A.M. almost every night. This is the only night like this so no pattern of dawn syndrome.

There may have been an air bubble in my infusion set. That is my guess. I guess I should check for those pesky things more often.

Sometimes that happens to me, also. My doc has said that what might be happening is that my liver kicks in and starts producing the sugars that my body needs to make it to the next meal…which causes the high. The dietician suggested that I eat a protein and a carb at bed time, nothing big. Maybe some cheese, meat, yogurt, and a piece of toast or make it a sandwich…that would see my body through the night. I tired it on days that I haven’t hit my carbs for the day…and it works.
Check it out with your doc and see what they say?