Frustration and Anger

Today, I had to shut down. I was so angry at medical professionals in general. My whole life has revolved all around negative comments… I literally put my fingers in my ears, and go LaLaLaLaLa!

I was researching some sites, won’t mention which, because of popularity. As soon as I read that circulatory problems were a direct and only cause of poor control or non compliance, I went red. I wanted to point out that is not true in every case. We are all different in many ways. What works for one may not work for another, and complications do not effect all of us. Some of us actually survive with no problems.

I do agree that good control may prevent complications. I also believe that it may simply slow the progress of complications. It is not a matter of fact isuue.

I watched a video on youtube today. It was about a man suffering with gangrene in his foot. A doctor was called in to advise him that he was directed to amputate. This man’s sugars were high. He did lose two toes in the end but this doctor took the time and care to treat him with logical diet changes and very little intervention with chemical medicine. He did not lose his leg as they thought they would have to do. Instead, despite losing his two toes, his foot was healing and his sugars were still not under “control.”

This was a professional and caring physician. He had hope to save this man’s leg. He did not go on and on about how bad the man was for not taking care of his diabetes.

I just wish our medical professionals would stop bashing us in public. I wish they would appeal to the mass public and change the horrible things we hear from non diabetics on a daily basis, to stop the rude comments and know better than us attitudes. If only these medical professionals could walk in our shoes, they would be better in relating to us.

People are so afraid if they have a complication. They’re afraid of someone else judging them based on their complications. “Oh, you had a heart attack? You must not have taken care of your diabetes. Oh, look, you lost your leg just like the doctors and nurses said you would because you did not take care of your diabetes…” Fingers in ears, LaLaLaLa… Louder LaLaLaLa I can’t hear yooooou!

I have not visited this red moment in a while. Ok, maybe last month when I had a battle with someone online beating us down in general. Yes, it was someone from a medical profession.

I offer a challenge to these negative, Holier than Thou types. Do this experiment for about six months. Get a CDE, Dietician, Ophthalmologist, Nephrologist, Neurologist, Podiatrist, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, Otarynologist, etc… and schedule the appointments between pricking your fingers six to eight times a day, keeping track of the numbers you get, taking saline(insulin for us real guys) shots four to six times a day (in a timely manner), watching and weighing everything you eat, (keep that smile on your face), work eight to twelve hours a day, take care of your house, kids, husbands, wives, (elderly parent), pets, go shopping, keep the holiday spirit, do the yard work, pay the bills, drive the car (prick your finger every time before you get behind the wheel), do the yard work, make dinner, wash the dishes, make appointments for that elderly parent, have a social life, volunteer, go to all of the above doctor’s appointments, and anything else I left out that everyday people have to do. You have to do it all without biting someone’s head off or otherwise you will hear about how your diabetes is affecting your attitude!

Try it, I DARE you! Then let me go about and bash you publicly for your inadequacies.

Wow, I feel better.

Hey Barbara: :smiley: And how was your Day?

My ears are still ringing…

Holy Cow, you have a Bright page. Wait!
I’ll get my sunglasses. Well, at least I can see what I’m writing here.

Hi, it’s Nice to meet you. Sounds like your day was less than Spectacular. I’m sorry
to hear it.

Someone should tell these People
that Siamese twins may be few and far in
between but they still exist. Obviously,
some Professionals know about circulation conditions that cause havoc in the body
which leads to drastic results. Others are
not as learned. Life is a continual learning process for everyone so no one ever knows
it all. Sadly, even the “Experts”.

I hope that the rest of this month is well
worth your time and energy.

Take Good Care Barbara! ") …I’ll just crawl
back into my dark space…Glad that you
feel better.


I think you are reading something into this that isn’t there. Doctors aren’t blaming you. They’re telling you the facts in the hope of motivating you to avoid an outcome that is statistically likely if you don’t heed the warnings. THAT IS GOOD.

It’s like telling someone to put the baby in the car seat and explaining that if you don’t it might go through the wind shield. That isn’t calling you a bad mom, it’s protecting the baby.

I have friends with Type 2 whose doctors don’t tell them anything. They aren’t even told to test after meals though they are taking 100 units of Lantus a day. They have blood sugars over 200 mg/dl all the time but since their fasting blood sugar tested once a week is “only” 120 their doctors say, “Great work.” When they end up with gangrene or that heart attack it is going to be a huge surprise since their docs tell them how great they are doing. And with blood sugars like the ones they have, they may.

So doctors who care enough about you not to sugar coat things might be doing it out of concern, not blame.

The real issue sound like it is that your doctors are pointing out the problems without giving you the tools you need to prevent them so their warnings are only creating fear. That is a concern.

Barbara You forgot to include sex and sleep in your post…:slight_smile: jk but seriously I understand the feeling after not being in control for years I got tired of hearing in the hospital about me not being in control but no mention of how I was going to pay for this. Just hope you are feeling as sunny as your page…Wow it’s bright and cheery…Good luck cause some Dr.s are cool and others can be an ■■■.