Frustration of spending too much on D

I am very frustrate tdy , I have to spend good %age of my earning on controlling D of me and daughter my friend spend money buying luxuries items and I ,have to unwillingly buy D supply. it also hurt when I feel short of money to expand my business. it also hurt when I kick to start my old scooter…

in India very difficult to do business when you are not 100 % family responsibilities are also very high

Yes, it can be frustrating. But, the care and love that you provide for yourself and daughter, by taking care of the diabetes…is what is priceless. You are a good man and your daughter will live a long and happy life because of your efforts. I am sure you love each other more than any amount of money.
Best wishes,Robyn

thanks megha,compliments like these, help we people to live meaningful in life

thanks to all of tumembers for support, really tu community is great

It is frustrating… what I spend on supplies (until I hit my deductible) and prescriptions a month amounts to what could be a decent car payment (and it actually does amount to more than our TRACTOR payment!). Thankfully I don’t have a car payment for myself to worry about on top of D supplies (my car is paid for and I intend to keep it running well and drive it forever), but those still amount to a significant portion of our budget each month.

i know ur frustation but u know my father is rtd super class 1 officer my wife is also class 1 officer but i still drive scooter although i have a car i still feel like u some time but there is no end of luxary in profession i m not so successful due to short of time my time maily taken by my daufghter D for maintaing BSuger pl pl pl dont be dis -hearted i will help u what i can this is my duty toward TYPE 1 D community u can call me on my no 9897801909 but pl dont be depressed i m wth u and ur daughter my whole family is with u nice conversation with u on phone some days back i am with u