I really, really, really love my endocrinologist. I get annoyed at him sometimes, but for the most part he's amazing.

With the way my blood sugars have been, even with the Metformin, I've been looking forward to my appointment. It was supposed to be in the middle of June, which is during my internship, but I was waiting until I got my schedule before I changed the date.

As it turned out, I needn't have bothered. They called this week and said that they needed to change the appointment, so they changed it (without consulting with us) to a different day of the week, same time. (WHAT makes them think I have the same schedule during every day of the week???)

The day they changed it to is the second to last day of my internship, and it isn't during lunch, either. There's no way I can make it, so I called them to change it.

So my appointment went from June 21st to October 18th. The last time I saw him was at the end of February. That's a gap of eight months!

I really love him, but I despise his office and scheduling. As it is, I see him three times a year instead of four because I can only get an appointment with him every four months. This isn't the first time an appointment needed to be changed and was made much later than it should've been.

I'm not a "typical" patient (if there is such a thing), and I have a very hard time finding doctors that are able to work well with me and my multiple issues. I don't know if any other endocrinologist would've pushed up my Met dose with mildly elevated blood sugars, no matter how miserable I was.

I wouldn't even know where to start looking for a new endo. I guess I could go to the city...but I don't like the idea of switching.

Any thoughts? Is it normal to have to wait so long for an appointment? Does anyone think I should switch because of the office and not the doctor?

What a horribly frustrating situation. No, I never have that problem.

I abhored the attitude at my first endo's office and after my second appointment, never returned. I then went many months without a specialist. I discovered Diabetes Centers of America and since my initial appointment, my diabetes has been increasingly manageable.

My suggestion is to (1) call every week to see if there's been a cancellation and (2) do a search for a new specialist. This may mean expanding the search outside of the term endocrinologist.

Best of luck!

Unfortunately, endos see patients on a "regular" schedule, often every three months. And fill their bookings months out. So if you just call to get the next appointment, there will be nothing till 2015. But that isn't really true, cause in like the next hour, someone will call and cancel and there will be an open spot. So the thing to do is request that you be put on the high priority waiting list for the next opening. And chances are you won't have to wait very long, in fact you might get in before June 21.

In the past, when I've asked to be on a waiting list, they tell me it's only for the patients he's never seen before. The woman I spoke to offered to send a note to the office manager that I need an appointment soon, but she made it sound like that never happens and I should just call and call until they have something.

Also, in the past when I've called, I've ended up speaking to this very nasty receptionist who works there, who makes me feel so stupid for trying to get an earlier appt that I just stop calling.

I would mention to the endo your frustration AND the attitude of his staff. And while I can relate to the feelings you experience, I think I'd try to stifle them.

I'm sorry, I just tend to be a bit more "entitled." After all, they called you and asked you to accept a different appointment. If I got this sort of response, I would just say that I was not going to accept a change and that I would be arriving at the previously arranged time for my appointment. And if I didn't get to see the doctor, I would be raising all kind of "issues" in the waiting room.

I didn't even speak to them. My father did. Since he doesn't work, pretty much anything goes. He didn't even wonder if it would be an issue for me--the thought didn't occur to him.

Generally speaking, they only change appointments when this doctor is going away. Given that knowledge, I'd have to be insane to go on a day he won't be in the office and expect to see him.