Fun and games with sensors

So, into day 8 and my sensor starts showing ???. I anticipate it crapping out but just don't feel like ripping it out just yet, Back it comes a couple of hours later. Doesn't miss a beat and reads within 10% of my finger pokes. I go about my business, but a few hours later, ???. Same deal. Just a bad time to change so in it stays. A couple of hours later, right back, strong and accurate. Day 9, same deal, ??? for a couple of hours, then right back.

I leave it on through day 9, with the alternating couple of hours of ???, then couple of hours of solid readings. it actually gives me nice readings through the night, wakes me up for a low around 3 AM, then, right after breakfast on day 10, ??? again. So I decide to tease it a bit. I take a pair of grooming scissors and start snipping away at the Opsite, and back it comes in time for a high warning! Nooo, off to the gym!! I hit the treadmill, and just as I get started running, ??? again. Grrrr.

But now I'm fascinated. It's in the middle of day 11 and it's currently giving strong readings. How long will this go on? We'll see!!

Actually, it’s day 12, so 4 days of this!!

have fun with that…sounds like a good game. :slight_smile: My site came out in the pool today so no games for me…

I’ve had this happen when I tried out a new sensor site on my lower back. I think the ??? were due to my chair, or my clothes, or various other things pushing on the site and messing with the sensor. Every time I got annoyed and decided to change it, it would suddenly start working again…

Yeah, this is one of my typical sites that usually gives solid readings. It was fine for the first week. I suppose I’d be a bit PO’ed if this started happening at the outset. I could just be done with it but it’s a combination of being cheap, feeling lazy, and amusement.

“Amusement”? FHS…the dex is playing with YOU. NOt the other way around! Show it who’s boss and rip it out! As soon as I see ??? I get pissed and take things into my own hands…thing ain’t doin its job? FIRE IT!

That may sound heartless, but in todays economy we just cant let technology rule us!

Hah!! You did read the part where I said I’m being cheap, right? =P

I was on day 14 and doing fabulous. Readings were within 10% of finger sticks the whole time. We were going to the beach and I didn’t want t lose it in the surf (the replacement transmitters are expensive) due to the adhesive giving out, so i pulled it. A week of body surfing and the new one didn’t show any signs of coming off. I just restarted it for the next 7 days.

So, the sensor finally crapped out this morning. I removed it and found a small bit of an infection. Not much, a bit of redness and inflamation. The insertion site basically looked like a popped pimple.