Fun Classes for the Fall Semester

Anyone taking anything good this fall? All my stuff are core classes like Manufacturer Distributor Relations and Industrial Electricity. While those won’t be bad, I hope someone else is taking fun classes this semester.

Im an anthropology major…

  1. basic algebra
  2. anthro methods
  3. central american cultures
  4. intro to chem

I’m taking

Communication History and Theories
Visual Communication (loving it so far, but it’s been 2 weeks so we’ll see again in a month’s time if i can say the same)
Newswriting and Reporting (with a really sarcastic funny lecturer who has proclaimed that a lot of us will score highest on participation)
Publication Design (lets me muck around with InDesign and Photoshop, and go insane over deadlines)
Symmetry & Crystals (i am NOT loving this at all).

Chem. and Society (Lecture and Lab) - Kill me now.
Trigonometry - Hopefully second time’s a charm :wink:
Modern American Society - Lots of writing guaranteed, but I can take it so long as I don’t procrastinate.
Introduction to Logic - I’m thinking I may major in English, and this class is in that direction. Hopefully it’s my saving grace for the fall, 'cause I sure need it.

I decided to take it easy this quarter with only three classes instead of the standar four-
Advanced Linear Algebra (an elective, but I LOVED basic linear algebra)
Digital and Perceptual Environment (art on computers)
Philosophy of Education (groan)