Fun D stuff I’m throwing out

I found a bunch of old D stuff I’m finally purging.
Some of it makes me laugh.

Little do they know I could still get drunk but this card is apparently a get out of jail free card.


What is that thing in the first picture?

It was a device you would put into your Medtronic transmitter to test the signal instead of wasting a sensor to determine if it was talking to my pump. I completely forgot it was a thing until I found that

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Which medtronic sensor?

I used sof-sensor and don’t remember that.

As i recall it worked with the sofsensor.

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I still have my Revel. I had to use it for a couple days a few years ago. I was changing the battery in my 670 and the battery cap flew off and disappeared. I looked everywhere for it. Eventually I’ll find it under some furniture I guess. I hooked up my Revel until I got a replacement cap from Medtronic. I also have that blue tester thing. Medtronic says those are also useful if you need to clean your transmitter. Plug it in so you don’t get anything inside on the contacts.

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Could you use any extra caps? I think I have a few i could send your way. No charge of course.

PS: If anyone needs some of those caps hit me up,