FUN FRIDAY - How do you decompress after a long week?

Fridays are suppose to be fun right? So, we’d like to know how you begin the weekend. Do you enjoy a quiet dinner with your partner and a glass(or two or three) of wine? Do you go out to the bars and drown out your work brain thoughts? Do you spend it in front of a good movie?

Included with your Friday night plans, how do you incorporate your D management? Do you feel limited in your Friday night plans because of D?

I thought I would include this blog written by one of our board members @Scott_K_Johnson. It’s an excellent guide to alcohol and diabetes management.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

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Friday is movie day at our house. We have been attending on Friday afternoon since last year. Then of course we do the regular Friday thing Hold on this is a big one, we dine at Qdoba. yeah we are pretty rowdy around here. :smile:


I used to really hate Friday because it feels like everyone is going out for fun, parties, drinking etc. Hong Kong is a place where lots is happening, and so many people work till late, when they start meeting, i might already be asleep.
Until i found my Friday Contemporary dance class, which i really enjoy : )
And I have also been on a routine for a year now, to hike in the morning, have my favourite lunch & coffee with mom every saturday and sunday : )

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I watch post-apocalyptic (heavy emphasis on pandemic viruses and zombies) films on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I am scraping the bottom of the barrel currently, and have had to resort to post-apocalyptic films in foreign languages (many of which have, not surprisingly, turned out to be clearly superior to many of their English-language counterparts). I also enjoy just about any film with a futuristic theme, especially if it contains a modicum of accurate science. And, of course, films that contain a character who has D, especially when it is portrayed accurately.

Any recommendations for films that fall into the genres I’ve mentioned above would be greatly appreciated!

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Well, then, you should come to Thursday Night Trivia in Dallas next week. The special subject will be Sci-Fi films. LOL


On the first Friday of every month I get together with friends and play music. It’s a rotating cast of musicians some of whom are very good. The better players enjoy showing less experienced a trick or two.

When the stars align and we sound good it’s icing on the cake, and a great finish for the week.


Ooh! I love a nice cheese quesedilla from Qdoba. :slight_smile:

That sounds really great, Mao! A nice way to get out and enjoy yourself without subscribing to all of the chaos. :slight_smile:

@rgcainmd - zombie movies sound awesome! I bet you have some great recommendations (I, unfortunately, don’t have anything that you haven’t already seen yet, I’m sure (WWZ, 28 days later, etc)).

@BadMoonT2 - Your line about the stars aligning and sounding good made me chuckle! :slight_smile: