Fun stuff

Ok, this requires a lower definition of “fun.”

But, in renewed effort to keep everyone indoors, here’s some free Harvard courses that they opened up to help us stay safe and indoors. There are some that might be of interest within our community. Please post if you see something else that looks good.

Prescription Drug Regulation, Cost, and Access: Current Controversies in Context

Hang in there, you guys. I really get the sense that my state is going down hard. Stay safe. We will start to see increased # of cases in the data within the month.


I am not loving the Rx drug one. But, I have learned surprising things - like that the FDA regulates 25% of retail in the US. Imagine that! And, that our stuff falls under the Tobacco department.


This is really cool. We’ve been talking about me doing some refresher courses, since I’ve been out of my field too long and I’m going to need that info again in the near future.

I’m ecstatic that there’s a biochemistry one! Though I doubt too much info will be given in an intro course. I’ll definitely be doing both food science ones (chemistry and physics based). My husband calls my current career on the homestead “kitchen chemist”. :smiley:

For anyone interested enough in these to open the above link, I would highly recommend browsing the full list of 140 classes. What the author of the original list considered “most interesting” is highly subjective.

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