Fun tips on low cal eating

and I'm looking forward to learn new tips on how to best manage my diabetes and live a healthy life. Right off the bat, I need to lose a good 30 lbs and I run 5k every other day, but I need to alter my diet without feeling that eating has simply become a chore.....I love cereal in the morning but maybe you people make yourselves energy drinks that are quick and easy and taste fab. The regular diabetic cook books are .....well.....

Hi there.

Congratulations on the goals..

I dropped 15lbs in 5 weeks.

The aboves is a great site, when you have completed your profile and set desired weight loss goals it will advise you how many calories you will need to consume for this weight loss and in how many weeks you should reach your target.

It also has forums full of loads of food ideas etc, it also has a huge database which allows you to track everything you are eating, which I found invaluable for weight loss.

In terms of food, provides some excellent insights into why we get fat in the first place.. I would read his books if you can.

Food wise, less than 100g of carbs a day is possible, lots of lean protein (chicken, fish, turky, tofu etc) plenty of fresh greens and veggies.

Also I drink 4 ltrs of water a day which helps with weightloss and helps keep you full when you are on a calorie controlled diet.

Good luck, sure others with chime in with plenty of tips :)

Last year I ran my first marathon and was "fueling" by cooking eggs in butter, etc. and my "bad cholesterol" (I can't remember which is which) went up to 110 so the doc was concerned so I switched to Pam and started eating more veggies. That was a couple of weeks before my biggest running week ever (then, although I did it again this year...) when I ran my fastest 1/2 on Sunday, some during the week and then a pretty fast 20 mile training run on the following Saturday. I felt really strong and figured that the veggies played a role? Maybe it's psychosomatic but I'm going with it and still feel good about tossing in a bag of carrots and broccoli, if it helps me feel stronger/ smoother on the trails!

I have lost 35 lbs in the last 6 month and so far have been keeping it off. My main approach has been to go low carb. That and a lot of exercise. I walk 3 to 4 mile each day and try limit daily carbs to less than 100. I got my inspiration from Dr Bernstein's book. If you haven't read it you might want to get a copy. It's called The Total Diabetes Solution.

Most days I'm pretty successful but occasionally there's the buffet at the local pizza joint. Today was one of those days Oh well I guess no one is perfect. Handled it pretty well though managed not to go sky high and slid into my dinner at a cool 88 BS read. Good thing these days are few and far between.


Thanks to all of you for your tips; they are greatly appreciated. As far as carb counting goes, I wish I was adept at doing that and figuring it out, but I'm not that versatile yet with it.

Thanks; I'm currently using RUNKEEPER app on my phone for my runs and had a recent ad from them running in tandem with the fitnesspal app. Based on what I see here I think I will install it; I used to write down everything that I ate in order to keep track of its effect on my weight. From what you describe the possibility of actually charting this is possible with it without too much fuss.

Of the people who have written here, how are you managing your diabetes? Insulin or pills or both?
I'm on Humalog (fast for days)/Lantus overnight.
Lipitor (10mgs/day) Metformin (800 X3/day)
No other drugs such as blood pressure which is below average for me at the moment.

I have T1 and a Medtronic insulin pump w/ CGM. I take Lisinopril which was rx'ed a few years ago. When I weighed 275 lbs my BP went up and I don't really have objections to taking drugs although I know a lot of people recoil in horror at it. My cholesterol is pretty decent too as I think running helps get rid of that rust in my pipes. I don't remember what it was last year but did the test in November so I'll do it again soon. The only side effects were a bit of loopiness with alcohol when you're getting used to it so I drank more alcohol. That's gone away and I don't notice it anymore. Since then, I'd started exercising more and have lost weight so my bp is back down but I'll just keep taking the pills as there's apparently some thought they help PWD stave off kidney disease which seems like a useful thing to me.

Yes I used to use both to do just that, but then treated myself to a garmin watch and have been using that instead of run keeper.

Although I am hardly running at all these days so really need to get back on it, twisted my ankle last week though so no chance at the moment.

When I first started carb counting I bought a small set of digital scales, read the package details of certain foods I ate regularly and worked from them there.

You quickly learn how many carbs are in a serving of your typical foods, do this for a couple of months and you will be well on your way.

You use run keeper, so perhaps are sporting an iphone or an android device.

This is a great app which provides a pictorial reference around carbs per serving of many foods, useful when you are out and about.

Been diabetes 17 years.

Spent first 16 on basal bolus, novorapid/mixtard and novorapid/lantus.

Moved over to a pump last November with novorapid and haven't looked back, pumping is the best thing I have ever done for my diabetes. No other drugs apart from a baby asprin a day and some Alpha Lipoic Acid.

I'm T2 and I treat my diabetes with Levemir and Novolog. Plus a pretty decent moderately low carb diet and lot and lots of exercise, walking mostly.