Fun with my leaky water heater

Yes, it’s leaked over the place. The water is shut off, the windows are open, and the fans are starting to get the moisture out. The tank itself is within its ten year warranty. Tomorrow the plumbing company who installed it will get the call to come fix it. Condo unit downstairs is empty, owner moved to AZ, a Realtor is handling it. and I have no contact info for either of them. I will call the condo mgt company to see if they have a contact. I will talk to my home-owner’s insurance agent tomorrow to see what my liability is.

I really hate these kinds of problems. I know it is just a matter of going step by step and the problem will go away.

Why in a diabetes blog? Well, handling my diabetic condition never goes away… Most of the time it IS far easier to manage than this minor emergency. And about 60 days from now, it is off on a dream vacation in Nice, France, far away from the minor annoyance of home plumbing…

The next morning at 11:15: one step at a time, the plumber is here to replace the water heater. My insurance company says my out-of-pocket liability for downstairs damage is my $500 deductible. The Condo Mgt company is taking steps to reach the owner in AZ ( and then the local Realtor). That place is sold and scheduled to close in 2 weeks.

Email trails are left and right. My sister wrote, “One blessing, it didn’t happen when you were away on vacation. " My boss wrote, " yeah!!! a nice hot shower will be happening soon!!! steve h covered the job fair.”

As much as I hate stuff like this, it hasn’t been that difficult. And diabetes is okay today.

April in NJ, the Garden State

The next week: my friend who does carpet called and we will see what I can do with the carpet here. I will call the insurance to file claim for damaged carpet and funny kitchen floor. Real agent for downstairs is not happy that the downstairs homeowners insurance covers those damages. I will offer to pay downstairs, deductibile. And on and on and on...

Sometimes it seems like dealing with the stuff out side of diabetes is harder. Diabetes you know how to deal with, highs lows, you know what to do, then along comes a small disaster and it’s like an imposition! How dare that water tank do that right now?! But, like you said just take it one step at a time and if your memory is like mine. write out a list and don’t forget where you put the list! Good luck!