Fun with sensors

OK, I need to share this very specific aggravation, since most people would have no clue what I’m talking about.

You’ve just put a fresh sensor in. Expensive but worth it. It’s on your stomach, and held down by the adhesive it comes with. Plus a few strips of IV3000 framing the sensor, just for good measure.

A few hours later, after it’s up and running, you pull your sweatshirt off over your head. Yep, off comes the sensor.

Irritating isn’t it :neutral_face:

Sensor taping is an art.


Creative sensor holder.


So far, I haven’t lost a G5 sensor. I’ve lost a few Enlites to sweating in the summer. This summer will be my first hot season with the G5.

I’ve only “lost” one sensor - and that was to a door post attack… I’ve since made a mental note: BACK of INSIDE of arms (or get wider doorways! :smile:).


I’ve lost one or two infusion sets that way (doorknob).

I’ve pulled out a few infusion sets, usually because the tubing gets caught on something. Luckily no sensors yet. But I think because I pay for them, I’m very aware of their location for the first few days. Pulling one out by accident would be an $85 mistake. I also run my sensors for a month, so the majority of the time I’m wearing a sensor that’s been there for a while.

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This looks good!! What’s your secret? Where do you get that tape?

So, let’s see … what was the first identity of the red contraption? I can’t tell from the photo, but it looks like it would prevent future sensor leaping …

Try Amazon. There’s a few choices there.
Also, check out this site:

What is this and where can I get it? Wow.