Fun with test sites!

Thanks to my newly received One Touch Mini, I’ve got some extra test strips, and thanks to my inner procrastinator, I’ve got some extra time.

Here goes, all tested within about 5 minutes:

Left ring finger - 98

left big toe - 102

left palm -107 (and painful!)

left forearm - couldn't produce big enough sample

right ring finger - 97

abdomen - couldn't produce big enough sample

right heel - couldn't produce big enough sample

I gave up at that point. Looks like I'm sticking with left ring and pinky fingers. Too awkward to test the right hand, the palm hurt a lot, and who's going to test their toe?!?

I’ve never known more gadget-happy geeks than us diabetics. I just got my new Mini in the mail yesterday, but I did not go nuts poking holes in myself. I tried some control solution, just for the hell of it, and one finger prick.

However i did sit down afterwords and actually READ the manual for some reason.

Although you can’t download the data or use it to calibrate the CGM, I think it will be useful to throw in my gym bag for when I need to take a reading when I’m exercising.


OMG, I may have to try the testing on other body parts to just to see what i can get. I have the ultra mini, ultra smart and the ultra 2