Funny clip about diets

There is some strong language but mostly funny late night bill mahr about pioneers of healthy diets.


And Keith Richards, don’t forget him! All the cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and he is still doing fine last I heard.


How did he eat though. That’s the question. He was always thin.
Maybe he only took drugs and skipped food

Keith is a partaker of a rare zombie drug. He let’s Mick have a taste now and then. Actually I think those rockers who have lived to old age actually reformed themselves unlike Janis, Mama Cass Eliot and Jimi.

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Prince and George Michael both stopped drugs and reformed , found god etc etc, but both died in their 50s.
There is something to be said for taking care of your self in the early years. Then again maybe it’s a total crap shoot.

I have it on good authority that Keith Richards actually died about 40 years ago, but they forgot to lay him down. :wink:


Kinda of a “weekend at bernies”situation.