Funny-have you done this?

Shortly after my daughter was dx’d, we were out and she saw a chain restaurant -Joe’s Crab Shack- and initially read it as “Joe’s Carb Shack.” We were away two weeks ago, and we were walking around an outdoor eating/shopping area. A guy in front of us suddenly stopped walking and said, “Hey, look! Joe’s Carb Shack! What is that?” His friend pointed out the correct name. I wonder if he was diabetic, or if non-Ds read it that way sometimes too? Or do we just have carbs on the brain?!

There was a “Cul-De-Sac” comic strip a couple years ago where one of the kids wanted to dress like a “Carb” for Halloween (because that’s what all the grownups were afraid of) but all the adults kept assuming the kid meant “crab”.

Macarbroni Grill!

Oh boy… so is a Net Carburetor any less confusing than a Net Carbohydrate?

OMG! I did that. I saw a sign outside a Mexican restaurant that said “Crab Quesadilla” but I automatically read “Carb Quesadilla.” Which makes sense, depending on how they make it.

I used to work with a guy named “Damon.” Spell check always wanted to change it to “Demon.” Maybe spell-check knew something that I didnt…

Man! I read it carb too… Lol! Not a diabetic (loved one is), but i am reading for carbs the last half hour and maybe my mind was really away from crabs!