Funny Quote

Marty was diagnosed with D this February at age 9. During the hospital release process, the nurse sat us down to go over all of his final testing paperwork. She began to explain his blood work wrap sheet one item at a time. Marty sat on the edge of his seat listening intently and nodding his head like he understood each and every word the nurse spoke. She asked if we had any questions to which we both replied, “no”. She continued on and on until she finished with an ending sentence “….and….his gasses were all normal”. His reply, “GASSES?!?! I didn’t fart into a cup!”.

The nurse sat there confused for just a second, then she busted out with a roar of laughter. While clutching her clipboard she got up and walked down the hallway to where I assume was the nurses station to repeat my son’s “question”.


That is too funny. I often wondered how they got the gasses to test now II know !


Witty kid! So funny!

Thanks everyone for the kind comments. He is a funny kid. He also tried to tell the nurse that his Dad was Asian because his middle name is Lee. Let’s just say it was a good thing Marty wasn’t my first diabetic child or I don’t think I would have found him funny at all!