Funny Story @ Testing for t1d antibodies

I signed up my kids to take part in the study that tests for antibodies in children and siblings of people with type 1. It’s through JDCA.

So I did the test fairly easily on my older daughter. You just use a lancet that is slightly larger than one for glucose testing. Prick a finger and fill up a micro test tube using one of those suction straw things. Like when they poke you for an a1c test. She didn’t fuss. Said it was fine afterward. Seemed like a non-issue.

My younger daughter is 9. She cried and begged me not to do this to her. I said, “Lily didn’t cry at all. She acted like it didn’t hurt at all. And I do it at least 4 times a day, you will survive.”
She says, “ok fine.” I place the inserter on her finger, freaks out. Do it again, she’s crying. I said, “Let’s distract you. I’ll let you eat an Oreo while I do this.” Get cookie, start again. Successful finger prick, but she gags on cookie and starts coughing up stuff, all over her pants while her ring finger is bleeding like a sieve. I was stress-excited at this point, “You can’t throw up now! You’ll mess up the sample and I’ll have to do it again!” :hand clamps over mouth: :speak_no_evil:

We made it through. She got a better sample than big sis. I don’t know how. :joy::rofl::joy:

I think I’ll use the optional lab draw next time. :rofl: