Further Adventures in Pod-dom

Ugh, I hate the stupid blood sugar spike that happens whenever I change my Pod! Especially when it coincides with Sunday Brunch...


hi jen, I read about your rough day, sounds like it was a combo of changing your pod, having a higher carb breakfast and being inactive in the car... I know if Jacob gets up high it can take a long time for him to come down, glad you started doing the post pod change bolus this helps a lot we struggled with this for a while so no fun... is it working?...super frustrating, we have the new smaller pods and they seem better we still bolus but a bit less..hope you have a better week! amy

Thanks Amy and good point about being so inactive in the car - I didn't even think about that but I'm sure it was a factor. I am still on the old pods and the bolus at pod change helps somewhat but doesn't solve the problem entirely. I've heard from many people that the smaller pods aren't quite as bad, so I am hopeful!