Furthering the Monkey

Just a quickie...

For those who remember my Monkey Adjusting post about Nate and his jealousy of the "attention" Eric gets due to diabetes, I *am* working on a kids' book based on the concept. But in the interim, I figured I had better reinforce the message.

I'm in process of transitioning Eric out of his pump shirts — which are shirt that I attach pockets to so that his pump is kept conveniently out of the way while he's off being Eric — and into a belt pouch so that he can begin to learn how to use it and manage his diabetes himself (with supervision, of course). Keeping in mind that Nate needs to maintain the understanding that it is diabetes, not Eric himself, that draws me (all unwilling) to the school on a regular basis, I made this:

Now Nate will know that I really am coming to school to visit the monkey!

Of course, Eric has said he wants me to make a zebra… and a lion… and a king cobra… sigh

HA! What a cute concept! I think it's wonderful that you are creating a book for this subject. I would definitely purchase it. :)

It's slow going. I have to earn a living doing everyone ELSE'S projects. But at least I have the base idea developed. Getting the artwork done is the biggest problem.