FYI: Smiths offering $700 discount on Navigator to Cozmo users

Just got this in my mailbox today. The company says that $700 is “more than half” the cost of the unit though I can’t get any info. on what Abbott is charging for it or for the sensors. Anyone else know anything about this?

According to the website, the cost for the unit is $1250, so once you subtract the $700 it would cost you $550. Don’t know on the sensors. I signed up online hoping to be one of the “first lucky 500 to respond”. Anyone else looking into doing this? Since I’m a Cozmo and Freestyle user anyway, it might make some sense. I also took a look at Gary Schiner’s website for comparison info, and it looks like the Navigator gets the nod for on screen data and sensor life. Question is…will we be able to afford the sensors if insurance won’t cover them? Guessing even if I couldn’t wear them all the time, it might be a good way to tune everything up a bit periodically. Have a feeling it could be addictive to know what’s going on all the time though.

I didn’t hear about this offer yet, but it’s interesting :slight_smile: How long is the offer good for?

About the cost of supplies for the Navigator, I emailed them and got the following info.
$960-1040 for transmitter and receiver
$360-390 for six sensors (a month’s supply)

Here’s a good link from Children with Diabetes website.

I spoke with a rep from Smiths Medical last week and she confirmed this. She said that it’s the first 500 Navigator orders from Cozmo users. Apparently, the first order JUST shipped out (which is why you can find few testimonials from patients other than those who’ve made a cursory test run of it). The prices that Kristin listed are what I was told by the Smiths salesperson.

I had a chance to play with the Navigator during my meeting with her. It’s smaller than it appears (at least to my eye) on their literature or website. It’s similar in size to the Dexcom, but a little more compact because it’s square-ish. It’s certainly pocketable in a pair of jeans, I think. The catheter size is what struck me though. It’s HALF the length of the Dexcom Seven catheter. The sensor itself is larger, yes, but for less intrusion under the skin, I might not mind a matchbox on the outside. Very lightweight, too. About the same heft as the Dexcom sensor.

The Navigator has a little more information at the touch of a button that the Dex gives and calibrates to the internal meter, so those were selling points with me. It’s got the longer calibration time (a lengthy 10 hours over the Dex’s 2-3 hours), but the rep assures me that that’s what allows the Nav’s transmitters to not lose accuracy through the five day lifespan of the sensor. She said that their rationale is that the area around the sensor suffers from inflammation immediately after insertion and needs the ten hours to calm down; otherwise, you are calibrating to a number than may be significantly higher than it should be (said she). She says that by waiting the ten hours, you calibrate to a calmer reading and maintain an accuracy of 97% (they claim) for the five days.

I don’t know if it’s a faultless product, but I’m interested enough to knock on my insurance’s door about it. It’s certainly the next gen of CGMS.

So, I have personally seen and worn the navigator sensor/transmitter and have owned both the minimed and now the dexcom.

the navigator transmitter is bigger than the dexcom and to me it was noticably bigger and more uncomfortable. Yes the needle/wire is smaller but I really can’t feel or notice the DexCom sensor needle/wire and the insertion of it is so easy. When I wore the Navigator sensor I had a hard time with the insertion. The buttons i had to push were hard to work and my sensor misfired 3 times even when I had someone else doing it.

The accuracy of the Navigator that you brought up in interesting but I have to say the DexCom rep said that the DexCom was more accurate than it really is at times as well.

One thing I think is cool about the Navigator is that it will predict when you are getting low or high which is an amazing feature if it works than no one else has on the market.

Anyways, good for you to check it out. I am a big advocate as it never hurts to meet with the rep to check it out.

I wore the Dexcom for just a week (loaner from my endo) and had only a few complaints about it. I wished it allowed me to pull up more data (or at least better reports of the 9hr data) directly on the receiver, I had problems with its transmitter/receiver connection any time I was around electronics (a line of treadmills, sound equipment, etc), and I found that the sensor itched the last few days I was on it. I hoped the Nav sensor might be more comfortable if you’re wearing it for less time. But I am certainly with you about the size. My husband is an engineer and says that the size of the transmitter is directly related to the battery power it takes to receive signals from a greater distance. I hated the moments when I’d leave Dex on the bed or a table, walk over to the closet, and lose data, but I do understand that that’s going to be the problem with any small wireless device like that. Same thing happens with a bluetooth headset, so I should be used to it. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your input.

I have not had problems around electronics and I sit at a computer often as well as workout at the gym.

I have had problems with the sensor itching maybe 2 or 3 different times in the 5 monthes that I have had the Dex Com. With the Navigator I wore it only for 3 days and I don’t remember it itching but I remember it being annoying as it was on my arm and just felt annoying. I was required to wear it with IV 3000 tape over it so maybe that was part of the annoying part.

I also 100% agree with you that the data recall is not as good as the minimed or the Navigator. The data recall at the DexCom isn’t very good but I have to say I use it mainly for the day to day where am I at now feature and for me I can’t wear the minimed (as it hurts me, won’t stick for even the full 3 days, ect). I dreaded wearing it so having a device with better data recall that I won’t wear don’t serve me.

I agree I don’t like when I leave the device somewhere and that is really the main thing I miss about the minimed but as I tell my husband I am better having two devices that I actually wear most of the time.

Great to get info from you folks who have actually seen/worn the Navigator and other CGM’s. Looks like the sensor life is actually shorter on the Navigator, not longer as I had read. However, I got the following info directly from Smiths customer service re: sensor cost:

“The sensors cost $ 450.00/ box and that is equivalent to a 30 day supply. If your insurance does not cover, we can offer a 25% cash discount, bringing the cost down to $ 337.50/box.”

They said a rep would contact me soon, and I’m thinking of giving the insurance route a try. Anyone have United Healthcare Ins. and tried this? Also, I’m curious, can you have one sensor inserted and “warming up” while another sensor is still active? Or do you have to go 10 hours with no data?

The size of the Navigator may be an issue for me, but I think I’ll have to see and feel one to know. I don’t curently use the meter attachment for my Cozmo because it increases the weight and thickness of the pump just enough to make it uncomfortable for me while being active (walking, running, etc.). The 90 degree insertion and smaller length of the needle on the Navigator is comforting since I’ve never used angled sets. Though I’m glad to hear that you haven’t had a problem with that Jackie.

Here’s a post from Lloyd, a member who used this offer and had a very good experience so far!

I spoke with Smiths Medical today about my pending order for a Navigator. I was told that they offer 50% off the Navigator and 25% off each sensor order if your insurance denies coverage. If insurance gives you the green light, I believe you are ineligible for the offer. That is my understanding. I’m currently waiting on a yay or nay from my insurance and Abbott is supposed to be contacting me in the next couple of weeks.

Do you know how long this offer is good for? I think that i heard it’s for the first 500 people who take it?? I wonder when that will last until…

I might consider it around Christmas time, but not before.

I know that when I met with the Smiths rep in mid-June, the first order of Navs had just been shipped. When I met with my CDE yesterday, she said the second order had been shipped. I have NO idea how large an order is or how many people have taken advantage of it. But I would imagine that you would still have a chance of falling within the offer eligibility by the year’s end. The worst they can do is say no, right?