G4 for a 14 year old

Hi, I am new to this site and have some questions about putting my 14 year old competitive swimmer daughter on the G4. Unfortunately, we are not new to diabetes. We have been dealing with this for 10 years.

We used to use the Minimed with the sensor. Liked the pump. Liked the idea of the sensor, but it was always beeping and usually off. She is now on the Omnipod. We are having better results because she can leave it on while swimming. However, her A1c is the highest it's ever been because we seem to only get two days out of the pod (day 3 is a disaster numbers wise)and we have random high days that seem to be for no reason.

We do not want to go back to a pump with tubing (disconnecting while swimming is a disaster). Considering the G4 to help us catch trends and deal with the high's we've been dealing on an all to regular basis.

Any input?!

I previously used a MM pump while training for an ironman triathlon. You are right that being disconnected in the pool for 1.5-2 hours at a time was "manageable" during the exercise, but with all that missed basal, I was constantly on a rollercoaster afterwords. Switching to the pods definitely helped.

Have you considered just trying to switch out the pods every two days rather than trying to deal with (or magically anticipate?) if day 3 was going to suck or not? I know it is more hassle (changing more often), but perhaps with the trade-off being the potential for tighter control, it might be worth it? You can always talk to your doc about getting your Rx changed so you can get more pods sent your way (if that seems like it might be a viable option).

On the topic of "random highs", I might also mention that it could be hormones. Your daughter is 14. Likely going through growth spurts and other feminine changes, which can wreck havoc on glucose control. I had some experience with going through puberty, but was on shots and do not recall a lot of specifics from that time (other than being on a rollercoaster again...and realizing that male hormonal changes and female hormonal changes are slightly different).

A sensor might be a great idea for helping to identify trends and/or anticipate days when your daughter might need more basals to cover the extra hormones, etc. It would also let you see how various foods affect her, and/or how different intensities and lengths of swimming affect her as well. I don't have a G4, but have heard good things about it thus far (w/ increased range, accuracy, etc). So I will let others chime in with info on that one :)

Good luck w/ helping your daughter get a little better control!

Hi there. I have a nine year old son. He was diagnosed when three, He's been using OmniPod for five and a half years and DexCom for more than three. We have been using G4 for three weeks.

Caleb does not competitive swim, but he has been to a triathlon camp and did a triathlon at the end of it. He also swims daily during the summer. He has always used DexCom and OmniPod for these activities.

My input would be, definitely give it a try! There's a 30 day return policy and I think you'll know by then. The trouble with the Seven plus system and swimming was range. It was small so the signal did not continue while he would swim and the receiver was on a table. The G4 range is AMAZING! I keep it on MY nightstand and Caleb is 55 feet away. He plays basketball and I have the receiver in the stands with a signal the whole time. He hasn't swam with the G4, but I can not wait!

He'll do triathlete camp again in June. It's with Coach Cliff, Ironman and T1D himself. Maybe I can leave the receiver with him while they are in the pool? Swimming has been by far one of the hardest activities to manage for Caleb. He burns so much energy, it's hard to avoid lows. It will be so helpful to have Dexcom readings while he's swimming.

So, yes, I'm totally for it! :)

PS - Caleb changes his Pod every two days. He has done this since switching from Novolog to Apidra. Apidra works fast, but it breaks down fast too - at least for Caleb. So we change every two days. The upside it we never have site failures or kinks and his skin and sites heal much more quickly.

All my best!

I used MM CGMS for 3+ years, and now use Dexcom. I like Dexcom much better, and find it more accurate and convenient since each sensor works for 7 or more days, and no need to recharge the transmitter. Many get 14+ days, although only FDA approved for 7.

When I was checking into Dexcom, I met with the local rep, and was able to get a 10 day trial period, and I was convinced it was right for me ! The G4 is now out, and I'm looking forward to the improvements in range, accuracy and new alarm features.

Definitely check it out.
Dexcom is not FDA approved for children, so be sure to have your dr's support.

Lorraine hit the nail on the head. The extended range of the G4 should be a godsend - someone dry will have to monitor the receiver.

Thank you all for your feedback! It is very helpful!

As you all know diabetes is so unpredictable and just as you think you've got it figured out you get blindsided by something just to remind you that this is a difficult condition to manage!

We have started changing out pods every two days. We have basal patterns for swimming, no swimming,PMS. Temp rates for tests, swim meets, Puberty is such an exciting time ;]

It was so helpful to hear your sport related ideas for managing diabetes. I was thinking I could give her swim coach the monitor and he can listen for warning beeps. I hope he will be willing to do that.

Anyway, I've filled out the dexcom form and I will call the doctor today! Thank you all again for your help!


I was on water/pool physical therapy during July & August. My PT kept my 7+ receiver on their clipboard while directing me in a swimming pool. It worked more than the textbook five feet. I did take my pump off during the water exercises and usually had a level line if I ate a Zone Perfect Bar immediately before the 1 hour of swimming pool exercise therapy. I kept my transmitter anchored with extra tape on the top and two sides. Left bottom edge open so water could drain from under tape.