G4 receiver, can I save it somehow?

I have two G4 receivers that have broken in the last three months. This is really unusual for me because I don’t have a history of breaking any devices. Earlier this fall, my in warranty receiver was “I think” stepped on by my toddler so half the screen is messed up. Other than having no visual of some numbers and the battery icon, it still works by beeping/vibrating/receiving data. Is there a way to correct the screen?

My other receiver went on a 10k with me and when I crossed the finish line it conked out. I think possibly due to water damage. I was able to reset it with a paper clip but now it does not charge or upload. It has a little bit of battery left but I can see the whole screen. How can I make the port work again so I can use my out of warranty receiver?

You may be able to dry out a slightly water damaged receiver. Shutdown the receiver as soon as possible. Next I would recommend that you put the receiver in a closed container with what is called a desiccant. Some people argue that a bag of dry rice will do the job. You can also buy commercial desiccants such as these which are available at Walmart. Let the receiver dry out for a few days and see if it comes back to life. If you got sweat in or around the port, sweat is salty and hence conductive. It it was just a short circuit and didn’t damage the electronics you may be able to resuscitate your receiver this way.

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Most Staples now provide a Drying service for phones and similar devices. The put it in a vacuum chamber that contains desiccant.

It is best if you can get the device in there as quickly as possible.

As I recall, there is no charge if the device won’t power up afterwards … but check that. My memory may be faulty. I think that the fee for a phone-sized device is $35 if it works.

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One more thought:

If the connector itself is the problem, you may be able to help that by powering the receiver off and then cleaning the connector with some rubbing alcohol and a small brush and then letting it dry thoroughly before powering back up.

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Have you called Dexcom about either receiver? They will likely give you an inexpensive option on a new receiver to replace the in-warranty one, and may even give you a replacement. It’s worth a try.