G5 battery replacement using Tandem X2?

Hi guys

Is there a way to do a battery replacement on a G5 transmitter, and reset it somehow so it can still be used with my Tandem X2? Or is it only possible to use with xDrip after a battery replacement?

If I had an iPhone with an Apple Watch, would I be able to pair it with that?


Bump. No idea anyone?

Xdrip includes the option to do transmitter reset. Once transmitter is reset, it can be read by G5 receiver, and assume Tandem pump could also read it.

I reset my last G5 transmitter with Xdrip and my X2 pump kept using/reading it just fine.

Did you also replace battery, or just reset?

Both actually.
I reset the transmitter’s days to let it run until the batteries actually died.
Then I replaced the batteries, reset the transmitter again, and ran it like that.
I ran that last transmitter through a few sets of batteries like that actually.

Are you able to change the battery more than once in a single transmitter? I’ve been wanting to try it, but it’s the “smother the new battery in epoxy for waterproofing” step that is killing me. It seems like you can only do that once. How do you get all the epoxy off for a second battery change? More specifically, how do you get all the epoxy off without damaging the annode/cathode prongs?

I’m looking to do this with the G6, not G5, but the process seems very similar.

Yeah, actually getting the epoxy off is easier than the first time taking off the original plastic.
I use clear epoxy so I can easily see everything there. It makes looking for a leak/bubbles easier. And makes it easier to grind/sand down to the batteries.

Btw, I don’t leave the top metal flap. I just knock that off, and twist the contact to hit the side of the battery.

Great, thanks everyone. Hopefully it will work out for me as well.

Also, for anyone interested and who hasn’t seen it before, I came across this 3D printable battery cover for the G5, thought it was pretty cool.

Dexcom G5 Transmitter battery cover by BillyBean - Thingiverse

With some silicon type sealant around the bottom of the cover, it can be made waterproof again between battery changes.

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