G5 Insertion Locations

So I tried a new taping method on my G5. When I removed it, it pulled off some skin, and caused redness and bruising. I returned them. It has really messed up skin on the left side of my belly, a large area.


  1. I sleep on my left side and have had loss of data to the receiver. Anyone experience this? What did you do? Receiver sits on table behind me, when sleeping.
  2. I’ve used my right side too much, but can’t move to left because of the tape damage. I’d need to place it where I would pressure it into the mattress. Know I’ll lose reception. Arms, anyone?


I don’t have much helpful insight on the reception. This has been a challenge for me before too. As long as it’s near my head/upper body, then I’m fine. However, I’m more likely to turn off the alarm without waking up if it’s in that area. Luckily, the reception issue doesn’t crop up too often for me so I keep it at the foot of the bed.

I always place the sensors on the back of my arms. There are some youtube videos that show you how to insert them one-handed. It’s really not as difficult as you’d initially think. The sensors seem to actually work better in that location, and they get bumped quite a bit less than if they were on my belly or legs.

Can you move the receiver a little further away but elevate it a few feet higher?

Might seem counter-intuitive but I get pretty good distance on ours and I think a bit of elevation helps.

I picture a laser beam from the receiver to the transmitter and I think the elevation allows the radio waves to have less human body to be forced to penetrate. Regardless of the physics - it works pretty good for us.

EDIT: I actually have the receiver and transmitter in two different rooms.

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That’s a great idea! Can place it on the window sill. Thank you!

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@T1Forever I have my best reception and longest sensor life using my upper thighs, just to the inside of the front. I generally leave the receiver (my phone in this case ) somewhere nearby like a nightstand.

I have tried my arms in the tricep area, and inevitably tear it off while going through a doorway or taking my shirt off. I have also tried the backside of my love handles with the receiver on the opposite side of the room, which does work for me as a side sleeper. Another good place for me is on the breast bone.

None of these sites are Dexcom approved, but they work for me and your mileage may vary.

Watched a couple of YouTube’s on placing it on my arm. Diabetic Danika did a great one. The other did lots of things incorrectly. Inserted this morning. My trusty spouse helped. Working great. See what happens at night!


Woohoo! Way to go @T1Forever! I hope it works well for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have found that my arms work the best, but I am also on the Omnipod (change every 3 days) , so I am fighting for space, and trying not to get the scar tissue built up. When I use my Dexcom on my stomach, the calibrations are far greater than on my arms. Everyone is different, so play around and move it around until you find the best spot for it. BTW - Danika is GREAT - I have her subbed on YouTube.

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Best numbers yet! Arms rock. Thanks !

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Very happy it worked out for you @T1Forever! Hopefully you will get many weeks out of that sensor in that location. :blush:

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