G5 Mobile Software Update

I still prefer the watchSugar app because it appears on the watch face and you don’t have to tap anything. It also shows the time and date so you can see if it is not up to date. The IPhone is sometimes behind and the watch follows the IPhone.

watchSugar is good, but it has significant lag. I liked using it while we were waiting for the G5 update, but now that the G5 update is out I much prefer setting my watch to wake to previous app and looking at my Dexcom graph with my number.

I have to comment that this conversation is doing nothing to make me regret my decision to stick with the G4/Share, Android/Android Wear and xDrip! Occasional connectivity issues, but those seem to be phone-related, otherwise, great results!


Hey Thas - it actually works very seamlessly now.

@mikep, reading your comments makes me think transitioning to the G5 after my last G4 transmitter expires is now a good idea with regard to timely Apple Watch updates using the Share/Follow apps on the iPhone. I was considering getting another G4 transmitter and letting my G5 kit remain on hold but now think making the move to the G5 is now without penalty. Do you agree?

Yes I completely agree. I LOVE the G5 and now that the G5 App has been upgraded for the Apple Watch to me it’s a no brainer.

Are you using the Share app or the Follow app? Or does the G5 use another app?

No need to use Share or Follow anymore. G5 has it’s own Apple Watch App now.

Cool. Somehow I missed that detail until you pointed it out.

My current and last G4 transmitter is doing its best energizer bunny imitation. I’ll ride it until it hits the beach.

Thanks. so that gives them about 4 months of life each, which means the two that I have now will end in Jan/Feb '17. I better order more THIS year. My plan is to use my really expensive insurance this year to stock up, and to go on cheap low insurance next year as a way to save money in 2017. I pay for my own insurance.

Talk with Dexcom so that they can help you identify the first possible date you may reorder under your insurance. That reorder date is not the same as the expected transmitter longevity. For me, they know the exact day. That will help you squeeze as many transmitter purchases as possible into 2016. Good luck.

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@Lawdawgz glad i saw your post. You reminded me that I need to do a re-order on my G5 Transmitter. I started my last one on 1/11 so it’s going to be expiring soon.