G5 receiver battery doesnt last long

it seems i have to charge it every few days. when I had the G4 receiver it lasted a lot longer than a few days. you figure it wouldnt be using that much power. does anyone else have this issue with having to charger it every few days?

No, @Amy2 I’m not noticing any difference between the G4 and G5, in that regard. Every few days is a lot.

I just now put it on the charger and once it has a full charge, I’ll track how long before I get the warning to recharge it (edited to add in: and let you know).

hrm…maybe i sould do that and see how it does. it just seems that it doesnt last long at all whereas the G4 did last a bit longer

We can run simultaneous time test! Or near simultaneous!

G5 receiver needs charging every couple of days.

it seems shorter than the G4. which is the strange part

@Tapestry we could…im charging mine now

@Amy2 Short answer… They run different radios, and the newer one consumes more power.

aahhh…thats a shame tho…you figured they would not put that much power into it and have it like the others

I noticed that as soon as I switched to the G5. It seemed like the G4 got close to week; now I’m charging every few days. Just need to plan for it.

thats exactly what i got out of the G4. i guess i do have to plan for it…i guess if its close to bed time ill have to charge it in the bedroom near me, etc

I get about a week out of the touchscreen G5 receiver. I let it run down pretty low before I plug it in.

Thanks, @Tim35

This may be the difference, @Amy2 . I do not have a touchscreen. I’m using the G5 receiver which looks exactly like the G4 receiver. (Edited to add: I didn’t know there were two different G5 receivers.)

Still, I’ll let you know when I need to charge Dex up again! It might be interesting to see the difference between the two anyway.

i have the touch screen receiver. i didnt know there were two different ones as well. i wonder why they sent me the touch screen vs the other one. hrm. well i charged mine yesterday so ill see how many days it gets out of it before it needs to be charged.

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The older non-touchscreen receiver is no longer being actively distributed. Although some people who have a [very] strong preference did report [a few months back] still being able to talk their way into getting one.

The older non-touchscreen receiver is not able to be upgraded to the G6. As well, it suffers from a particular software defect that leaves it vulnerability under very specific circumstances to becoming non-operational.

The newer touchscreen receiver for the G5 is able to be remotely upgraded to make it compatible with the G6.

There are some threads that go into the differences in depth between the two types of receivers.

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ah thanks…good to know. i was hoping for the non touch screen as ive heard from people its the same as the G4 until i got it lol…then its like this isnt the same. the touch screen is a wee bit annoying to me but ill get use to it


Are you referring to the inability to restart if the receiver is “Shutdown”?

@Amy2 I just got the battery alert on my CGM and put it on the charger. I got six days. How about you?

I got the battery alert yesterday so I got five days. So my battery does not last quite as long as I thought it did. This is the newer touchscreen receiver.

i charged it last on the 28th and put it in the charger yesterday. i didnt get the alert but i did charge it

It’s become a habit for me to just charge all my electronic devices every night while I’m sleeping, whether they need it or not. Every night I plug in my cell phone, Apple watch, RileyLink, and Dexcom receiver.

I use this USB hub charger so that I only need one AC outlet and it provides 6 USB ports to plug in my devices.