G5 xmitter packaging info conflicts with Dexcom tech support

A warning appears on an insert placed over the xmitter, “Do not remove transmitter from tray until ready to use”.

Tech support says that the G4 packaging had a magnetic that caused the G4 to turn on when removed from the package. They state that the G5 turns on for the first time, when it is placed into a sensor (ie, the initial activation isn’t caused by doing START SENSOR on the receiver).

Anyone have any ideas about the validity of the tech’s comments (which I’m tending to believe, but not totally convinced) vs the package warning?

I believe Dex Tech Support. 100% in this case.

I can certainly see non-technical reasons not to remove the transmitter until you are ready to use it. Such as easier to misplace when not in the box. As well, the transmitter is more protected in the box from possible damage being knocked around the house.

IMHO there is no good reason to remove the transmitter from the box until ready to use it. However I believe Tech Support that the technical reason as relating to the transmitter battery is no longer relevant with the G5 as it was with the G4.

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It has been my experience that the G5 transmitter doesn’t turn on for the first time until you ask to connect to that particular transmitter’s serial number. I have never had a problem with removing it from it’s packaging early, which I have done when trying to pack lighter for traveling.

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I have only used G4, but curious if the G5 is packaged similar to G4 transmitter, secured with magnet? In FuD, there is a post regarding G5 transmitter that lasted 191 days using xDrip to read values. It lasted as long as the battery was good, not when the number of days was met.

So if using xDrip and G5, it would be an advantage to keep in box, if it was similar to G4, and can influence start of battery drain.


Nice explanation of the G5 activation:
(Yes - Different between G5 and G4)