G6 and iWatch

Does the G6 work with iwatch? Do you have to use your phone also?

Yes and yes. I have G5 and Ticwatch E. Watches run via bluetooth and wi-fi connections to phone. Make sure phone is ok for watch you are buying. Various watch es connect to both Apple and Android.

I have the Apple Watch and iPhone using Dexcom G6.

The dexcom only syncs to the Phone, the phone syncs to the watch. So the watch is only useful as a second more convent display for the dexcom. Still I use the watch for 95% of my readings.


I have the same set up. I spend a lot of time in meetings and find it more discreet to look at the CGM data on my watch rather than the phone.


Was thinking of getting our daughter one for Christmas. She has an iPhone 6 so I believe it would work well with it. Might be easier to look at her watch than having to dig out her phone at school. The series 3 has come down in price and is very affordable.